Tolyqyn is a trio consisting of Kuba Gudz on drums, Tal Arditi on Guitar, and Roland Satterwhite on plucked viola and voice. Their music has been described as a cross between psychedelic rock, blues, african kora griot traditions, sung poetry, modern dance music and jazz.

In 2017, Roland Satterwhite, an accomplished violinist and songwriter in his own right, asked Kuba Gudz and Tal Arditi, two young musicians on the Berlin music scene to try his songs in a spontaneous and improvised setting. Unexpectedly, that encounter led to many more artistic endeavors for the three. Up until today, they continue to embrace the same improvisational spirit on stage, in the studio and in the rehearsal room.

Since its foundation, the band has performed for audiences in Germany, Switzerland and England, and is releasing their debut album in spring 2020. With thanks to all the generous backers who raised money for the project on Kickstarter , their phonographic debut is a carefully crafted, ambitious production created with the help of master visual artists, mixing and mastering engineers and features some of the finest guest musicians that the band could imagine to collaborate with.

The cycle of creation remains a constant and unstoppable act for the trio. The band is currently busy refining the details of their album release, shooting conceptual music videos and simultaneously working on the material for their second album.