Tolyqyn Limited Edition Double Vinyl



Includes live performances of Flying Free Blues and Touch Me Right available on vinyl only.
The album's artwork is a photograph developed using analog methods by Berlin based artist Dafna Grossman.

Includes digital download card of Tolyqyn.


Tal Arditi - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Kuba Gudz - drums, percussion
Roland Satterwhite - voice, viola, bass, violin
Elisabeth Mulroy - voice
Ganna Gryniva - voice
Joy Tyson - voice
Sebastian Peszko - viola
Victoria Priester - voice, organ
Susanne Knast - cello
Pietro Fornara - bass
Dafna Grossman - cover art
Helene Altenstein - graphic design

recorded by Ignacy Gruszecki (Dec 2018, Monochrom Studio, Poland)
additional recording by Roland Satterwhite (Summer 2019, Berlin, Germany)
live tracks recorded by Jamie Collier (Oct 2019, Berlin, Germany)
mixed by Miles DeIaco
mastered by Alain Paul
produced by Tolyqyn

all songs by Tolyqyn © ℗ 2019

special thanks to Frank Möhle for his generous support, Gerd-Ulrich Lenz,
and Nataly Kab for her valuable input and help making this vinyl a reality.